Your Security

We are very sensitive to the concerns of individuals in regard to the collection, protection and use of personal data.  It is our commitment that your personal data will only be used to produce products you purchase from this website.  At no point will the collected data be disclosed to another organization or individual without your written consent, unless required by law.  

You can interact with confidence knowing that your data is safe.  Our platform offers:  
  • Realtime hacker tracking/blocking
  • The system is monitored 24 hrs a day.  If someone tries to hack into our website, we are notified immediately and can track their actions, block them and, if necessary, report them to the authorities.
  • The difference between this hacker technology and that offered by hacker checking sites is that they only scan one's website for known vulnerabilities - they are not able to offer any realtime hacker protection.  We have true 24/7/365 monitoring to protect your data.  
Thank you for trusting with your little one's information.